Acts 19:1-20 – Home Group Questions for December 16, 2013.

Getting to know each other.

1. What is your favorite Christmas memory?


2. What makes Christmas special for you each year?

Getting into the Bible. Acts 19:1-20

1. Describe Paul’s encounter with the disciples in Ephesus.


2. What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?


3. Describe Paul’s ministry in Ephesus for the 2 years he was there?


4. List the characteristics of a healthy church from Acts 2:42.


5. What were some of the miracles that occurred in Ephesus?


6. Retell the story of the seven sons of Sceva in your own words.


7. How did the people respond to these events (v.17-20)?


Connecting the message to life.

1. How would those around you describe your Christian life and your level of passion and commitment? Why?


2. What keeps us from being filled with the Spirit?


3. What does a healthy church look like, and what is your part in that?


4. What role do miracles and gifts have in our Christian life?


5. What are some of the ways we try to copy and duplicate what God is doing in someone else’s life?


6. How do we become more aware of the “danger” signs in our lives?


7. What are some of things that we can do to clean our spiritual lives?

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