Home Group Questions – September 30, 2013

Text: Acts 13:22

1. Why did God call David “a man after God’s own heart?”


2.  What does 2 Corinthians 5:17 say about Christians?


3.  What is your heart’s desire for your life?


4.  What does God look for in your life?


5.  What sets the Bible apart from all other books?


6.  Why did God write the Bible?


7.   What did Jesus promise in John 14:16-17, 26?


8.  To become a strong, maturing man/woman of God, what should be your first priority?


9.  What is the bottom-line mark of God’s man/woman?


10.  One key element of mastering the art of prayer is time.  How important is prayer to you?  Is that reflected in the time you spend in prayer?  What are some ways you can develop a more consistent prayer life?


11.  What are the marks of a person with a heart for God?  These were mentioned in the message:  a heart to pray, a heart to obey, a heart to praise–gratefulness; a heart to worship and a heart that serves.

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